If I were Jappie Mhango

Minister of Transport and Public Works, I would not sink so low to the point of uttering racist and discriminatory remarks targeted at Malawi Congress Party (MCP) aspiring vice-president Muhammad Sidik Mia when I launched.

Thumbwe Bridge construction project in Chiradzulu last Friday.

If I were Jappie, who is also national director of campaign for the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), I would feel embarrassed that I am still stuck in the past and that in this day and age, I am promoting racism while the rest of the civilised world is embracing diversity.

How I wish I were Mhango because I would not go out of my way and describe Mia as ‘mzungu’ and colonialist because that was racism at its worst.

Oh yes, if I were Mr Mhango I would realise that while Mia might be giving my party sleepless nights in the run-up to next year’s tripartite elections, it is not fair to use racist remarks as a way of kuthana naye because it demonstrates that as a politician I have run out of ideas (kutha mapulani).

If I were bwana Jappie, I would realise that the best way to deal with political opponents is to tackle issues such as development plans that my party has in store other than racism.

That is if I were Jappie, fortunately, I think all people are born equal.

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