IF I WERE : Lazarus Chakwera


Leader of opposition in Parliament and president of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), I would realise that I went out of my way by describing President Peter Mutharika as a ‘prince of thieves’ in my response to the President’s address made at the opening of the 47th Session of Parliament on November 10 this year.

If I were Chakwera, I would appreciate that regardless of how I view APM, he is the Head of State and has to be accorded the respect that he deserves.

Oh yes man of God, as leader of opposition in the House, I would lead by example other than use such derogatory words, especially against the whole Head of State.

How I wish I were O’ Chakwera because I would realise that other than hitting out at the President, I would take it as an opportunity to offer possible solutions as the president-in-waiting.

If I were Chakwera, surely I would be the first one to realise that  the use of such words in Parliament contravene the rules of the House.

I am saying if only I were Chakwera, but I am not the man of the pulpit turned politician.


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