If I were Nicholas Dausi

Minister of Information and Communications Technology, I would have gathered all the necessary information before addressing a press conference on President Peter Mutharika’s trip to New York, United States for the 72nd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

If I were my good friend that is Nick, I would realise that if I did not have vital information such as the budget and full itinerary of the First Citizen, then I was not ready to meet the media.

Oh yes Nick, if I were you I would recall that the issue related to the President’s prolonged stay after the last UNGA stirred controversy and, therefore, it was important to get his full itinerary before facing the press.

How I wish I were the official government spokesperson because I would appreciate that it is lack of such vital information that creates room for speculation.

I would further realise that Malawians have the right to know the itinerary of their President because his expenses are met by their taxes. Unfortunately, I am not my good friend known for his bombastic words that is Nicholas Dausi.

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