IF I WERE: Uladi Mussa


Fired acting president of the People’s Party (PP), I would realise that my recent song of praise for President Peter Mutharika cannot be taken seriously considering my nature of being unpredictable and not so stable on the political scene.

If I were ‘Chenji Golo’, I would realise that my sudden U-turn from a critic to a praise-singer for APM for successfully completing the national registration exercise could even surprise the President himself for not long ago, I termed the ID programme a ploy by the ruling party to rig elections in 2019.

Considering my recent sacking from the PP, my statement might be viewed as coming from a frustrated person desperate to seek favours from the government.

If I were Mussa, I would not love to be seen to be buying sympathy because I am on trial for allegedly issuing ‘fake’ passports when I was minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security.

But I am not the man who changes goal posts at will.

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