IF I WERE: William Liabunya

Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) chief executive officer, I would appreciate that the jazz about power production challenges, including low water levels in Lake Malawi and its outlet Shire River, have been said time and again without any lasting solution in sight.

If I were Willy, therefore, I would always remember that Malawians want to hear about the interventions my company is putting in place to address the chronic power problem in the long term.

If I were in charge of the power producer, I would appreciate that the blackouts have become irritating to electricity consumers and while there is all this commendable talk about procurement of diesel -powered engines to increase power output, I would realise that what power-starved Malawians want to hear is whether there are decisive solutions to the prevailing challenges.

Oh yes Willy, I would realise that the onus is on me to prove to Malawians that ndizotheka and Egenco can turn things around.

If only I were the Egenco boss, I would realise that Malawians expect Egenco to be pro-actively developing strategies to prevent emerging problems.

But I am not the Egenco boss, am I? n

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