IF I WERE:George Mituka

Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) public relations officer (PRO), I would realise that even the eight-hour electricity load-shedding programme model aimed at ensuring equitable distribution of in the face of power outages, is not working according to plan.

If I were bwana Mituka, I would realise that some areas are still experiencing power outages for over 12 hours just days after the so-called new load-shedding programme was issued.

Oh yes, Mr Mituka, I would appreciate that when Escom fails to abide by its schedules, it is the consumers that are inconvenienced and this leads to loss of trust.

How I wish I were the Escom PRO, because I would tell my bosses that the new eight-hour model should only have been announced after the corporation was optimistic it would work.

I would further realise that it is such inconsistencies that leave the public wondering whether the electricity supply company is serious in its drive to end the power outages.

But I am Garry, not George! n

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