Ilala to operate in the North only

January 16, 2014 • National News • Written by :

Heading north: Ilala

Heading north: Ilala

Malawi Shipping Company (MSC) says the MV Ilala will ply its trade in the Northern Region only effective this week.

This development comes after noticing that they were not making profits in the southern part of Lake Malawi.
MSC spokesperson Austin Msowoya told The Nation on Monday that the ship has few passengers en-route to Monkey Bay from Likoma.
“These days there are plenty of minibuses and buses and people opt for these. As a result our ship is almost empty on its way to Monkey Bay. So, we have decided that it should ply its trade between Chilumba, Nkhata Bay and Likoma until further notice,” he said.
Msowoya said the ship will be travelling between Chilumba and Likoma twice a week unlike previously where it was travelling once in a week.

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