Incestuous marriage; the case of yellow, orange and blue

Dear Judge Mbadwa,

I want to follow the example of the country’s politicians of rewriting the same script over and over again. Perhaps you were busy writing judgements when the news was being announced of plans of some incestuous marriage between the People’s Demagogic Party (PDP) and the Orange Party of Amayi.

Now before I proceed, I once wrote you about the need to tame the nauseating conduct of these people who are given the mandate to run the affairs of our country either as the ruling party or the opposition, but you never responded. That they usurp their mandate in the poor manner they conduct themselves is self-evident.

My Lord, the latest incident should act as a reminder to you to check your in tray again and act on the application to deregister these entities and send most of these good-for-nothing leaders into exile in Salisbury where the Shonas and Ndembeles are at least rewriting their history.

The Orange Party is just a derivative of the PDP nothing more and nothing less; hence, both the blue and orange zealots call it peepee and it has never been labelled as something sounding unparliamentary by any competent Speaker of National Assembly.

My Lord, I know incest is not allowed in the country and the fact that these siblings are openly courting should be a cause for concern. Would you allow such marriage to continue when you know these people are of one blood?

Perhaps we can add another charge we can arraign these people for. The PDP and the Orange Party should also be answering the case of trying to enter a same sex marriage since these are brothers. I am aware My Lord that the New Marriage Act criminalises same sex marriages in Nyasaland and there is evidence that Mapuya and his blue half proposed marriage to his brother, Shift Golo at State House.

My Lord, I don’t know how you are going to handle this scenario. Would you call it a case of same sex sodomy by a minor? The yellow party of Tchalamani, the purported father of Mapuya and Shift Golo, was swallowed by PDP in a compromised parliamentary marriage which has been running for some time now.

I have never heard of a minor molesting a willing adult as is the case with the Yellow Party led by Ung’onoung’ono. But this marriage with PDP must be annulled, too, as it is also a fraud.

It is high time you handed the maximum sentences of 14 years to these leaders or they should be deregistered and be forced to form one entity as they are of the same blood.

I haven’t forgotten that Lazaro and his party are another fraud that needs deregistering. I am left perplexed that he had the audacity of labelling his compatriot Mapuya a failure, when he doesn’t provide tangible alternatives!  I think as a citizen I have a right to live a peaceful and productive life devoid of political tantrums from Lazaro’s party and Petro’s blue half or the remote controlled orange vehicle.

Your true citizen,

Mphala Muwawa.


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