Indict rebels for embarrassing Mapuya

Dear Justice Mbadwa,

I, Clement Katanya, chairperson of the transparency and accountability committee in my village Makobola, has been compelled to write you after hearing that our President was left embarrassed after some of his party members washed the party’s dirty linen in public.

Honourable Mbadwa,  I remember at the onset of  your tribunals, you said, and if I may be allowed to quote you,  you stated that  yours “is just a citizen court that looks at issues affecting the citizens and whose powers to dispense justice is defined by public interest”.

It is for that reason that I have decided to write you, seeking guidance first on what charges we can lay on the President’s former boys and girls, including alamu wake.

In our village, the shame of the village head is the humiliation of the entire village. We, therefore, cannot allow these people to disgrace the President and the old generation members of the People’s Demagogic Party (PDP).

At first, I thought the rebels were enacting some play on how best to lose an election, only to hear it was real life drama being performed.

True, Mapuya has demonstrated that he is a leader with a strange approach to handling government business and that he is advanced in age is a fact, but did they have to tell us all that?

The President has always been doing a favour to these rebels by giving them jobs in his government and portfolios in the party, and now they have the audacity of tell Mapuya that he is old and a failure?

My Lord, if Mapuya has failed, then he has failed together with the rebels; hence, they should not pretend to be clean now.

Of course, now everyone knows, as per the rebels’ claims, PDP and the entire blue army sold Nyasas a virus as they have demonstrated that Mapuya is the worst leader they have ever worked with.

My Lord, we know that families have challenges but embarrassing Mapuya with such graphic details of his dreadful tenure was a fact that we villagers cannot stomach.

Every time we want to dethrone a village head, we do it surreptitiously that the common folk do not notice it.

I know your court doesn’t handle village cases. Should we sue these rebels for conduct likely to cause breach of peace or gross negligence? The aides’ conduct, actually, from our village understanding, breached the peace of mind of many Malawians who were given a true picture of what Mapuya is.

Isn’t insulting the Presidency not a case worth pursuing in the present scenario?

But on the lighter note, I loved the way the rebels performed in the drama. It gave us the picture that more acts are in the offing! Hahahahaha!

My Lord, don’t you think Mapuya himself also needs disciplining for bringing out bedroom issues into the public domain? Do you really have to publicly respond to insult from rebels to the point of derailing government business?

Looking forward to your reply,

Clement Katanya,

Chairperson Makobola Transparency and Accountability Committee



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