Interior design re-defined

Belle Afrique Interior Design, situated at the Uta Waleza Complex in Blantyre is redefining interior designing in the country for homes, offices and shops.

Realising the little diversity for household props in the country, all that the new venture wants is to offer uniqueness.

“People like unique things. But the case for Malawi is that if you see something in one house then you are likely to find it in 10 other houses. We offer imports from South Africa,” says co-founder of Belle Afrique Interior Designs, Ane Colyn.

Importing from South Africa is another way Belle Afrique is promoting regional trade by supporting fellow African manufacturers.

The designers have been on the market for a year now. They evaluate what a client has and re-works to create something different.

Lee Chisale is another co-founder and adds that they also work with builders, architects and carpenters.

She notes that people often associate interior design with huge expenses, but she points out that it is really all about trying new things.

“We advise clients to work with what they have. One does not always have to buy new stuff to give a face-lift to a room. And we can give clients different options within their budgets.

“If for instance one cannot afford to buy a whole new lounge, we may advise them to buy just one new couch which could make all the difference and turn the rooms around,” says Chisale.

Colyn adds: “Moving things around makes a room more inviting. Some people may dislike their spaces without realising the real problem. When they engage us, we spot the wrong and make it right,” she says. 

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