Jazz, gospel music on Mother’s Day

Across the world different versions of Mother’s Day are celebrated. However, celebrations on the day depend on how people feel about their mothers.

For Malawi, the day is known for the celebrations where mothers are showered with gifts, greetings card and many others things.

Great Angels Choir: To entertain families on Mother’s Day

Jazz fans should brace for a special Mother’s Day treat, when Jazz legend Peter Likhomo gets to perform alongside Lulu at Capital City Motel Jazz Garden.

Capital City Motel managing director George Tambala said the combination of the artists is meant to give fans different genres of jazz.

“On Sunday we are bringing variety and people should expect quality entertainment,” said Tambala.

Likhomo too vowed to put up an ace performance.

“We are lining up the Afro-jazz and the international jazz so that no one should feel left out. We want to satisfy the taste of each of the patrons to come on Sunday. We don’t give half-baked shows, but quality output. We value the fans and will want them to enjoy,” said Likhomo.

Meanwhile fans of gospel music are also going to be treated to two concerts taking place in Balaka and Blantyre.

In Blantyre, the show will be held at Robin’s Park on October 15 while Balaka residents will converge at Mlambe Motel on October 16 where organisers have pledged nothing but massive shows characterised with rich spiritual messages.

One of the organisers, Precious Loti, said the feast has been organised to celebrate the pride of all the mothers and women in the country.

The performances which start at noon will attract an entry fee of K1 500 per head. n


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