JB denies Cashgate involvement


Embattled former president Joyce Banda, who is facing arrest, has reiterated her stand that she does not know anything to do with Cashgate, the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill, exposed under her watch in 2013.

Through her spokesperson Andekuche Chanthunya, Banda said yesterday the issue has been repeatedly spoken about and that she has made it clear that she played no role; hence, cannot say much.

In an interview yesterday, Chanthunya, who said Banda was yet to be served with the warrant of arrest, said it was surprising that police say they have evidence linking Banda to Cashgate as over the past three years, there has been no government agency that has tried to question her in relation to the alleged cases.

Chanthunya: She
will come back

He said: “We have always maintained that Dr Joyce Banda knows nothing about Cashgate and she doesn’t really have anything to say about it. But we take it, it’s fine and we have no problem as long as they serve us [the warrant]. She will come back to the country and she will make herself available for these matters.”

Chanthunya further said a statement will be issued as to when Banda will come back to the country.

Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi, who is also the official government spokesperson, yesterday said it is a matter of the former president returning home and leaving out issues pertaining to her housing as People’s Party (PP) on Sunday claimed that she was given a home not worth her status as former president.

Her sentiments came in the wake of a warrant of arrest obtained in February but announced on Monday by the Malawi Police Service which said it has evidence linking Banda to abuse of the billions of kwacha.

However, in 2015, Malawi Law Society (MLS) and individual legal minds warned Banda against defending herself in public as it was premature that she starts making statements having not been formally charged.

The MLS warning came against the background of Banda defending her administration from an audit analysis concluding that Capital Hill failed to reconcile K577 billion in its cash books between 2009 and December 2014.

Banda said that prior to Cashgate, the K577 billion theft happened between 2009 and 2012 when former president the late Bingu Wa Mutharika was in charge, alleging that there must be a stubborn link between the K577 billion scam and Cashgate.

In an interview on Monday, PP interim leader Uladi Mussa said the party was also not aware of the warrant of arrest issued to Banda, fearing that the development could be motivated by something else other than Banda’s involvement in Cashgate. n

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    She knows nothing about cashgate? But she once claimed she knew who attempted to bump off Mphwiyo and why. And foolishly asserted that the one who accepts stolen goods is not at fault. Although she instituted an inquiry into cashgate, she at the same time placed a corrupt police friend of hers (Bomphani?) in charge of the investigations to make sure nothing implicates her. The whole cashgate plan collapsed when her boys got a wee bit too greedy and started shooting at each other, and she lost elections and suddenly had no power to influence events.

    She should roast in hell. As should all her corrupt predecessors as well as APM. Akuba onse! Malawi has always been a kleptocracy.

    1. Avatar

      Aliyese akungo ba … boma la APM nde coverup its too much amwene chaponda kuba zooneka ndikuyatsa nyumba yaboma koma osamumanga akuti akuyendera belo munthu powonekeratu kuti waba.. these are the people shortage or talking for granted ndi bomali…. where are men who can make things straight, who can stand for justice that oneday we shall remember them as hero’s..

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