JB on 13 trips in five days in North

Her tours are being questioned: Banda
Her tours are being questioned: Banda

Malawi President Joyce Banda, who has been calling on Malawians to embrace economic prudence, has embarked on a 13-trip tour of the North.

According to the programme, Banda is expected to hold several activities from today (Tuesday) to Saturday most of which fall under her recently initiated A Cow A Family Project.

Meanwhile, political analyst Blessings Chinsinga has described the President’s movements as desperation in her bid to win the 2014 elections.

“One thing that has to be clear is that there is tension between the President’s desire to make a difference in the lives of the people and prepare for elections to win as the season is near. When you look at what she is doing, it is hard to reconcile the two,” said Chinsinga

Banda will today preside over the distribution of equipment to youths under the Youth Enterprise Development Fund (Yedef) programme at Karonga Boma before touring Mzang’unya Village, a pilot village under Mudzi Transformation Trust in Chilumba, Karonga, among other trips within the region.

But Malawi Government spokesperson Moses Kunkuyu said such tours are vital since the President mixes with people and can not be stopped.

British High Commissioner Michael Nevin recently said government needs to balance the President’s trips with the budget.

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    That is actually cost-saving. It would be expensive for her to stay up north and do just two or three trips. do as many as possible while there. Seen in that light, this is plausible.

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    Cost saving, what? Kusamva, why make all those trips? Why not hit 2 or 3 places in one day, make a 15 minute speech for each place because you are not even a good public speaker. There is no cost-saving when you have laid aside billions in order to deplete government coffers for personal gain. Samva mgugu! Uwapeza ma voti kumpoto konko

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    Why do you always have to look at a presidential trip as election related. Isn’t it the duty of a president to interact with the people she serves? Please stop using obscure so called experts to launch your petty political attacks. It is sad to see that this newspaper sees its mission as that of an anti-government voice rather than a neutral voice that holds the government in check while also championing the developments government is undertaking.

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