Judge speaks on gay rights

Mwiza Nkhata
Mwiza Nkhata

A High Court Judge in Zomba, Zione Ntaba, has asked Malawians to begin an earnest discussion on minority rights in the country to move forward.

Ntaba said this at Chancellor College in Zomba during the launch of a Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) funded minority rights advocacy moot competition for Chancellor College law students organised by the Paralegal Resource Centre (Parece).

“[In Malawi] history has shown that it is around discussions that great things have happened. Our move from colonialism and our move to democracy [is an example]. The discussion of the whole concept of minority rights, whether racial, tribal, sexual, physical or otherwise, needs to start,” said Ntaba.

She added: “Minority rights are not new phenomena in Malawi and it is good that the discussion of such is coming from the law school.”

Chancellor College’s Dean of Law, Mwiza Nkhata, also called for a rational discussion on minority rights based on the Constitution.

“The discussion on minority rights is emotive and personalised. The tendency is, for example, to reduce the discussion to issues of homosexually, yet minority rights are beyond sexual minority,” Nkhata said.

He said another tendency is for people to bring irrelevant issues, such as religion, into the discussion of minority rights.

Nkhata said Malawi is a secular State; hence, in the discussion of minority rights, the 1994 Malawi Constitution should be the beacon.

Parece’s coordinator Sadie O’Mahoney said the launch of the moot court was important because worldwide, people are subjected to persistent human rights violations through discrimination because of their differences; either based on physical disability, religion, their actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity.

Cedep’s programmes manager, Rodney Chalira, said Chancellor College has a good record of activism and he hoped that the promotion of a discussion on minority rights will enhance an exchange of ideas on the topic and build an informed nation.

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  • Mo kamuzu

    Get out!!! Malawi is NOT ready for that. Tisamvenso zimenezo ayi.

  • http://ernestalwamayor ernestal wa mayor

    mudzafa imfa yowawa mukazavomeleza kut amuna azikwatilana akaziso azikwatilana

  • Mishec mumba

    I dont know but what happened in SODOM & GOMORA eeish! Moto unachita kutsika from KUMWAMBA.

  • Woman from USA

    We are planning a vacation in Malawi next year for our family. We’ve taken foreign vacations in Europe, South America, China, Thailand and even Austrailia but we’ve never been to Africa. The thing is, my eldest son is gay and is married to a wonderful man whom we have welcomed into our family with open arms.

    We know there are certain African countries where gay people are treated very badly and our decision to come to Malawi is greatly influenced by this issue. So my question is this: will my son and his husband be welcomed in Malawi or will they be persecuted?

    • guy from USA

      Hey woman from USA, I’m gay and live in Malawi. It’s different for tourists in a way. It’s fine for them to go, they wont be persecuted. But it stinks to say, but in public areas just for safety reasons PDA wouldn’t be the best thing to do. In touristy hotels its fine to an extent because the workers are use to it, but not in the villages and very public areas.

      • calypso lagoman


    • Renaud

      Hello..I am an American Man unfortunately living in Malawi..
      Please go on Facebook and name search “RENAUD MCNEIL”
      My advice to you is STAY FAR FROM MALAWI….It is hostile towards Gays..Religious Leaders preach hate for Gays in the Media. Islamic Leaders have called for non negotiable death to all Gays in the country. Currently as we speak 3 Gay men are on trial only for being Gay..They were given 6-12 years with hard labor!.Moreover Malawi does not offer much for Tourists. The Lodges are extremely poor in quality, roads potholed and horrifically dangerous,electricity and water are intermittent and any and all Services are bad. There are great countries in Africa to visit that will be worth your time and your experience will be treasured for a lifetime. Tanzania and Zanzibar, Mozambique,South Africa and Kenya to name a few. As a world traveler I can honestly tell you Malawi is not a Tourist destination.The only visitors that come to Malawi are Aid Groups and Church Missionaries.

      • JOE

        this is way exxagerated. perhaps you might have fallen in the wrong hands on your arrival here but hey, leave us alone! if you cant appreciate all our values,cultures and beliefs then i suggest you pack your bags and leave malawi. am sure we would all survive without you and your silly comments. Malawi is a religious country and if religion doesnt allow homosexuality then who are we to argue? Can you argue against GOD?

      • Jaap Van de……

        Hi Renaud,
        Much as I agree with some of your arguments, I certainly have reservations on what you are saying. I’m a Malawian who is currently a student at one top liberal arts college in the US. I was born and have lived in Malawi till only two years ago. I have friends who are gay, trans-gender, straight, and all kinds of sexual orientations from all over the world. Firstly you must know that Bingu pardoned the gay couple in 2010. I also knew a gay couple in my neighborhood who were treated much nicer than the way they are treated in certain Southern States in the US. For all those years of democracy in the USA, it was only this year that the supreme court softened its stance on gay people. In Malawi what Judge Ntaba is saying is just the beginning of a log process just as what has happened in the US. Personally I’m not gay but do not harbor any bad feelings on people of different Malawians. I also do not agree with your analysis of the economic situation in Malawi. It shows your lack of knowledge on economic issues and your inability to draw out positives in life. There are many hotels in downtown Lilongwe, Blantyre, Mzuzu, and Mangochi that have hosted world dignataries more important than you.There are many places in Malawi of natural beauty, not just the old museums people here crave to see. We are not archaic as you think. We are a country making progress. I’m sure many visitors (not the missionaries and aid workers) who have been to Malawi will not agree with your observations.

      • Qwerty

        Dude, who’s asking you to stay here? Go home and get your ass blown off with an semi-automatic Renaud the Retard!

  • calypso lagoman

    Pliz stupid people, Malawi is not a satanic country. We cant adopt that stupid gay thing now what we gonna do all the gays found, will killed by us angry citizen. We dont hav time to talk about that satanic behaviour and am also warning you americans BASOP!!!!!!!!!

    • Renaud

      Malawi is extremely Satanic..
      •Bingu shot down innocent human beings that were created in Gods Image
      •Cash Gate
      •Corruption at ALL levels
      • Hate preached by so-called False Prophets
      • Witchcraft Belief
      • Muslims calling for death of Gods children
      • Religious Leaders preaching on Sunday..womanizing Sunday night!
      • Religious Bigotry
      • Huge number of married men having private Gay affairs..I can personally tell the country about that 😉
      • And on and on
      Foolish country of Beggars & Jealous Haters

    • angoni satha onse

      ..but what is more satanism, accepting gay marriage or killing gay people? what authority can a human being have in taking another person’s life?

  • http://facebook.com ibrazo

    sory stupidy renauld watever the never shud be…we are beggers indeed bt we dont need or beg to be begers they are reasons whc yo pity father knw very well…yo can turnish our image by any means bt jst school u tht we arent primitiv or homephobic…we got diferent dimetuons of pipo frm all over the world who come/visit us …so u chose to change or bring yo american law smply bcoz u r specialist in tht pitiable behaviour ha!!sory we are not ready for tht…we knw bible frm yo own father n it has never said yes for gayism…so pls leav our belovd countrt alone..we are poor bt hapy we dont stl for bloods as u do in Arab countries….fuckkkkkkkkk

  • achimwene aakulu

    that’s pure satanic. let’s go a referendum

  • achimwene aakulu


  • hope damiano

    ngati ndi kufuna ndalama tiyeni tipeze chochita china not this issue

  • Renaud

    There are no decent hotels in the country..Mzuzu? Where??
    Lilongwe..the bad architecture Chinese built warehouse? Try the Italians or Americans for architecture advice..not Chinese..lol
    Mangochi..where? Built in the night while I slept?
    Dignitaries from where ? Ogon Tribal Village?
    The country is shameful and shameless!
    Enough said…..shame…shame…shame..

  • Renaud

    Jesus is not going to Malawi….too many sinners….will not have time…Plus they will again
    grab him steal his silver coins and again nail him up to planks …
    That’s what they do best in Malawi..