Kalibu Academy holds 9th annual speech night


Blantyre-based Kalibu Academy on Friday celebrated its ninth annual speech night and 10th anniversary where students were also decorated with excellence awards, apart from breathtaking performances that characterised the night.

As they confidently walked towards the podium to receive their awards, the students could not hide their excitement as the moment that defined their potential that they can achieve anything in life.

Changaya: Gratitude is the attitude that takes us to our altitude

Fellow students too could not hold their excitement as they ululated and shouted with joy as their colleagues received the awards.

While applauding fellow schoolmates for receiving the awards, head girl for the school Sally Mwai Changaya, said the event was a milestone for the institution in as far as the history of the school is concerned.

She said: “This day is a milestone in the history of the academy where other head girls before me also presented their speeches just the way I did. My key was to thank everybody for everything that they did. It is important because gratitude is the attitude that takes us to our altitude.”

In his remarks, head teacher for the school Pastor Paisley Mavutula, said despite the institution facing some challenges, they have sailed through and that the vision the school was established for is being achieved.

Mavutula, while saying the school is planning to establish a primary school in Lilongwe after successfully establishing one in Blantyre, said discipline is one of the priorities that the school emphasizes on that has resulted in the school being outstanding since its establishment.

He said: “In life we do believe that without discipline there is nothing you can achieve. Even as you read from the Bible, the Lord emphasizes on discipline. Without discipline there is no success so we emphasize on discipline because it brings forth order and an environment for students to learn properly.” n

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