Kwini Bee flirts with Manganje

Versatile female artist Kwini Bee aka Ana Akazi has bounced back with Achisale, which builds its momentum on manganje beat, revealing her dexterity on the local music.

Kwini Bee has always associated herself with some rigorous local-ridden dancehall tunes such as Ndadusa Pompo which she did alongside other female emcees such as Enweezy and Fortune.

Kwini Bee: I don’t want manganje to die a natural death

“I sing what is applicable at that particular time. On the other hand, I make every effort to identity myself with my roots, that’s why I have done this manganje flavour,” said Kwini Bee.

Malawi has rich cultural heritage, which experts encourage artists to use in their creative works to sustain it. For example, manganje is an initiation dance particularly among the Yao in the Southern Region districts of Zomba, Machinga, Mangochi and Balaka. It is usually performed at the initiation ceremonies.

“I don’t want manganje to die a natural death, that’s why I have incorporated it,” said Kwini Bee.

Apart from excelling on local touch, Kwini Bee has tackled one of the sensitive topics in Achisale—lazy and irresponsible husbands who  become burdens to their families.

“It’s very unfortunate that some husbands don’t work to provide for their families. They leave all the work to their wives who eventually turn to be breadwinners,” said Kwini Bee.

She added that some lazy young men are also increasingly becoming Achisale by jumping on independent women whom they simply want to milk their hard-earned resources.

Produced by Gaffar at Gaffar Records, Achisale dropped this week on different channels,including radio stations. n

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