Lucius pleads for artists in Parliament

Lucius (L)is fighting for artist’s rights in Parliament
Lucius (L)is fighting for artist’s rights in Parliament

Opposition United Democratic Front UDF’s Balaka North parliamentarian Lucius Banda has asked government, through the Ministry of Finance, to adequately fund the Copyright Society of Malawi (Cosoma) if piracy is to be curbed.

In a response to President Peter Mutharika’s State of the Nation Address delivered in the house on Tuesday, Lucius pointed out that the president failed to state on how his government intends to promote musicians and other artists in the country.

“I would like to bring to the attention of this honourable house challenges being faced by musicians and other artists in the country, one they are not recognised and yet listening to the president’s speech gives no hope what so ever to the local artist”. Lucius said.

According to the musician-cum-politician, the house should not be surprised one day in the near future to see musicians protesting as their music continues to be pirated without any control from government.

Said Lucius: “Musicians in the country are struggling, they are failing to realise the full benefits from their work. Mr. Speaker Sir, don’t be surprised if one day you are going to see hundreds of musicians coming to Parliament, it will be because their career is not being protected and something needs to be done if the plight of musicians is to be addresed”.

He described piracy as a cancer unto the death of the music industry in Malawi.

He appealed to Ministry of Finance to include Cosoma in the national budget.

Lucius, who returned to the National Assembly after a seven year absence, also advised government to reduce duty on second-hand cars to remove the tax burden on people especially the youth.

He has since expressed his appreciation to all people who supported his return to Parliament.

“I appreciate God and people who assisted me to come back, it is clear that there is always a second chance in a democracy,” he said.

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  • Muonosile

    Since you were voted by musicians only to parliament ,please carry on.