Lusubilo leaves for South Korea on Friday

Karonga-based Lusubilo Band will on Friday leave for South Korea where they have been invited to attend a 14-day cultural exchange programme dubbed Art Dream Camp.

Lusubilo Band founder Chungja Agnes Kim said the band will stage three performances during the visit which has been bankrolled by the Culture Ministry of South Korea.

Lusubilo Band in action

The camp is meant to give youths from Malawi, Columbia, Indonesia and Vietnam an opportunity to interact and share cultural experiences.

“Lusubilo Band has been chosen as the representative of Africa and will perform there. It is a great pleasure and honour to us,” she said.

Kim said the band has already been drilled by 11 Korean musicians in preparation for the visit. She said the 12-member band is geared up for the trip as it has also received back two musicians who were studying music in South Korea for four years.

“I am excited and happy to provide to my Malawian children that great opportunity to go to South Korea again after the successful German tour in 2017.

“We are really a blessed and privileged institution in Malawi that I am proud of and grateful for,” she said.

The band will be visiting that country for a third time in a space of four years.

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