Make waste management a lifestyle, body urges


Our World International (OWI) founder and executive director Steven Chiunjira on Monday advised young people in the country to take waste management as a lifestyle by engaging in sustainable waste management.

Chiunjira said youth at OWI have organised a sensitisation meeting on July 23 that will see young people from different primary and secondary schools from Chioko Zone in Lilongwe showcasing various activities in waste management.

Poor waste management endangers communities
Poor waste management endangers communities

In an interview with Malawi News Agency, he said the function will address waste management issues, for example, how wastes can be turned into raw materials that can be used for organic farming and recycling.

Said Chiunjira: “Waste management is not in good shape in Malawi, but the truth is that it is possible to have a working waste management system in the country when we have an understanding of a shared vision that every time you throw waste into an undesignated area you are bringing in preventable diseases.

“Unless we educate our fellow countrymen and youths about the dangers and benefits of waste in our homes and churches, waste will endanger to our communities and that is why OWI is determined to leave no stone unturned to reverse the imminent and inevitable impact of irresponsible disposal of waste.”

He said OWI has clubs in different schools across Chioko Zone that comprise all schools in Kawale, Area 23 and Chilinde.

Chiunjira won first position of the Total Malawi Startupper of the year challenge worth K5.5 million.

He said some of the proceeds from the award have been has been used to organise the function that will sensitise the youth on sustainable waste management.

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