Malata subsidy progress in Thyolo impresses minister


Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Anna Kachikho has expressed satisfaction with the progress of the Decent and Affordable Housing  Subsidy Programme (Dahsp) popularly known as Malata and Cement Subsidy in Thyolo District.

Figures show that 570 houses have been completed in the district’s seven constituencies in the district.

Mkwamba and his family at their newly-built house

The minister appreciated the work on Wednesday in Thyolo East Constituency where she toured some of the houses in Ndalama, Namaloje and Mbeluwa in Sub Traditional Authority Nanseta where 81 houses are completed.

“What I have seen today is impressive. People are building houses in the villages under this programme. These beautiful houses will help these people to live decent lives,” said Kachikho.

The minister painted a rosy picture at the national level.

Flaton Mkwamba, 45, from Ndalama Village, built a house which cost him around K300 000 instead of K800 000 it was valued at without subsidised materials.

He said the house will help him in the development of his family and the community at large.

“Before this house, I used to live in a small grass-thatched which used to leak during the rainy season. My children can now study without interruption,” said Mkwamba.

Dahsp comes in two forms. The other the one people take loans to buy the materials on their own as is the case with Mkwamba.

He will give back the loan to government by paying K5 000 every month for five years. n


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