Malawi’s political party dissolved, joins Aford

The National Unity Party (NUP) on Wednesday announced the dissolution of the party and that its entire executive committee has joined the Alliance for Democracy (Aford).

NUP president Harry Chiume, who was accompanied by some members of his executive committee, announced the dissolution of the party during a press conference at Sunbird Capital.

The news conference was also attended by, among other leaders, Aford secretary general Khwauli Msiska and publicity secretary Dan Msowoya.

“Aford and we [NUP] are both social democratic parties. We both advocate rights of people and also rights of workers. Our manifestoes might differ in wording, but the philosophy is the same. We thought it wise to join Aford so as to strengthen it,” said Chiume, a founding member of Aford in the early 1990s.

He said the decision to join Aford has been endorsed by the party’s supporters at the grassroots level as well as the entire executive committee.

Said Chiume: “We consulted widely and we have made the decision with the blessings of the people at the grass roots who own the party.”

He said NUP would soon be officially de-registered.

Msiska said the coming in of the NUP executive will strengthen Aford which is on a drive to regain its popularity

“We welcome them wholeheartedly with no conditions attached. We have a common agenda. There is strength in unity. As we are trying to rebuild the party, we need people of such rich political background as Mr. Chiume,” said Msiska.

During the press briefing, Aford also announced the change of date of its long-awaited convention from July to August.

Msiska said former NUP members are free to contest for any position during the convention.

“They are now bona fide members just like any other Aford members and if they saw wish can contest for any position at the elective assembly,” said Msiska.

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