Malawian village life to be on silverscreen

Taking a different approach to uplifting his people, multi award winning musician Ben Michael Mankhamba who is also Village Head Chingalire, has ganged up with up with his subjects in Nsalu and surrounding areas in Traditional Authority Kabudula in Lilongwe to release a movie.

Speaking exclusively to Nation on Sunday the self-styled chief of the Moyo Wantauni fame disclosed that he has teamed up with his subjects to produce a film that depicts a day to day life of his people and the Chewa culture at large and is set to hit the international market as well.

“I wanted to do something with the people in my village and surrounding areas so I came up with an idea to produce a movie that will promote our post livelihoods not only as villagers or a tribe but as a nation to the international world. The people are so excited about the project and we hope to finish production very shortly,” said the musician turned chief.

Mankhamba said he realised by engaging the villagers it would give a different dimension to art in the country as well as boost the growing film industry.

He said: “Malawi’s tradition and culture lies in the villages for that is where the pot of gold containing folklore, music and dance is.”

He was non committal on the release date.

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