Mangochi communities ‘paying’ for donations


People of Monkey Bay in Traditional Authority Nankumba in Mangochi say they are worried with their chiefs who ask for money in exchange for donations.

The donation in question came from a Muslim charity organisation called ATIB Amstetten Yardim Vakfi from Austria.


Attib Amstetten members display their banner after donating items

Some villagers who spoke on condition of anonymity alleged that chiefs in their communities forced them to contribute K1 000 each last week to be listed down as beneficiaries.

In an interview on Thursday during the distribution of items, village head Mjogo admitted sending people to collect money from villagers, saying he was told to do that by a community member who claimed to be in close contact with the organisation.

The chief said he was told the money was meant for transporting items from Blantyre to Monkey-Bay.

However, commenting on the issue, the organisation’s project coordinator Yunus Yigit, said the donation was for free.

“As Muslims in this month of Ramadan we are supposed to give what we have for free. We collected money from our Muslim communities in Europe and donated items in Chiradzulu and Mangochi districts.

It is feared that over K300 000 has been swindled from the unsuspecting villagers which include Kankuta, Nsumbi, Mberesera and Mjogo.


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