Martse recreates Mabala 25 years later


Twenty five years after Lucius Banda released Mabala, urban artist Martse has recreated the song in a hip-hop version.

Mabala, a highly charged and hard hitting political song denouncing the ills of Kamuzu Banda’s one party era, is one of the songs that defined Lucius Banda’s music career.

The song’s message still resonates with some realities today.  No wonder, the 24-year-old Martse, real name Martin Nkhata, chose to remake the song.

Martse: Sampling is part of hip-hop culture


This is the second time the Mwano hit-maker has redone a song by Malawi’s great oldies after Billy Kaunda’s Mwapindulanji.

Martse said: “The messages in the songs were so powerful. This is why young artists are still hooked on to the compositions. Sampling is part of the hip-hop culture, so I have just embraced it.”

Martse’s Mabala released as a single will be part of his debut album, Truth Only, which he said will be ready in August.

The song produced by Tricky Beatz and AK on the Board features Pro Voice. It was officially released on May 30.

Ambuye mmene mudalitsa mayiko enawa, chonde musatipitilile. Maso tili nawo koma sitikuona, pakamwa tili napo koma ayi sitiku talker. Kukhululuka ndiye takhululuka koma mabala ndiwo akupweteka… sings Martse in one of the verses.

Despite being around for so long and establishing himself as one of the country’s finest voices in urban music, the Lilongwe-based musician is yet to release an album. He has only released chart-topping singles.

“I was busy with school and other things, but now my first album with 12 songs is almost done,” he said.

Reacting to the remake of his song, Banda said it is an honour and encouraging seeing young artists such as Martse showing interest in his old work.

“In the past, redoing other artists’ work meant you have run out of ideas. Times have changed and this gives me a good feeling.

“This year, we will be celebrating the silver jubilee for this song. It is amazing that the message is still relevant and that gives me so much pride,” he said, adding Martse followed the procedure to remake the song. n

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