Mbolembole Motel on expansion drive

May 24, 2012 • Company Track • Written by :


Mbolembole Motel in Mponela, Dowa, is undergoing a facelift expected to cost about K100 million (about $400 000).



The motel’s managing director Amadu Mdala disclosed this in a recent interview. He said the expansion project started with the construction of a one-storey 41-roomed structure.


According to Mdala, rooms in the new unit are all fitted with granite tiles, have plasma screens, phones and are air-conditioned.


“We wanted to bring hotel standards found in our cities to Mponela. This place, being roughly 50km from the capital city, Lilongwe, has potential to play an important role in the tourism sector,” he said .


Mdala also disclosed that funds to construct the new wing were generated from the old section because the business is run prudently and in a professional manner.


“Initially, we got a loan to construct the old section but now we are doing everything from our own proceeds generated from daily operations,” he added.


The additional 41 rooms bring to 84 the number of rooms at the motel. According to Mdala, he plans to construct a swimming pool.


The motel was opened in 1998.


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