Private sector lobby group Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) has decried policy inconsistencies, accusing government of implementing conflicting policies that are holding back the country’s economic growth and development.

MCCCI chief executive officer (CEO) Chancellor Kaferapanjira said the inconsistencies are sending wrong signals to private sector players who are struggling to expand, re-invest and create more jobs.

Kaferapanjira: Coordination and harmonisation is  a big problem
Kaferapanjira: Coordination and harmonisation is
a big problem

Kaferapanjira voiced the private sector complaint at a 2015 High Level Forum on Development Effectiveness attended by donors, civil society organisations (CSOs), diplomats and others in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

“From the private sector point of view, we see sometimes policies conflicting themselves and this is because coordination and harmonisation of policies is a big problem in government,” he said.

For instance, Kaferapanjira cited the misalignment between the National Export Strategy (NES) and the national budget, saying when it comes to budgeting [national export] strategy is totally forgotten.

The five-year NES, which was launched in December 2012, targets increasing exports to $2 billion (K900 billion) by 2017.

Minister of Industry and Trade Joseph Mwanamvekha admitted that in some instances, government ministries, agencies and departments “do not talk the same language” which he said is confusing to potential investors.

“Sometimes we don’t talk the same language as one department says this and another department says that which confuses investors,” he said.

Mwanamvekha also urged donors to ensure their funding is in line with government agenda, saying that has proven to be a challenge for a long time.

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