MHC for environment-friendly initiatives

Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) says just like fellow players in the construction industry, they are heavily affected by wanton cutting down of tress in the country.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the corporation Eunice Napolo said this on Friday during a tree planting exercise MHC conducted at Ngumbe in Blantyre which is one of its housing sites within the district.

Napolo planting her tree

While she boasted of the shift by the company from using burnt bricks to using cement blocks for building she highlighted they still use timber for roofing and cupboards in their buildings.
She said this is why it was important for MHC to echo government efforts towards reforestation.

She said: “We still use wood for construction hence it was important for MHC to take part in tree planting. We join the State President in ensuring the country replenishes its trees.”

During the exercise 1 000 trees were planted but the corporation plans to plant 35 000 trees by the end of the year.

On the timing of their exercise as it seems the rain season is towards the end now, Napolo said: “we will ensure that there is 100 percent survival rate, for MHC, the exercise ongoing. We will use every resource to ensure that the trees survive.

She challenged MHC members of staff to be innovative saying as they plan to continue with environmental friendly initiatives such as use of steel in place of wood for roofing.

MHC Regional Manager for the South in his remarks encouraged members of staff for the corporation to take the initiative of planting trees to their respective homes.

He added that the members of staff and the people leaving in the area should ensure that the planted trees are looked after and not to “kill the trees when harvesting their maize”.

The tree planting season started last year and has seen government departments, private companies, statutory bodies and the general public having their own tree planting activities.

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