Ministry promises to root out corruption

Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Atupele Muluzi has promised to set his ministry as example for to emulate in championing the fight against corruption in the public service.

Muluzi made the remarks recently when his ministry officials had an audience with the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director general Lucas Kondowe at the ministry’s headquarters in Lilongwe on how the two can work together to stop corruption and to fully reform the public service.

Atupele: We are ready to fight corruption
Atupele: We are ready to fight corruption

“As part of the reform, we have engaged ACB to highlight to us some issues involving corruption and how we can deal with them. We need to fight corruption in the ministry so that the war against corruption is won,” he said.

Muluzi said as a ministry, they are ready to fight corruption even using its other recurrent transaction (ORT) resources by contributing two percent of each budget allocation to fight corruption.

“It is recommended that we set aside two percent for the same [and] let me assure you that my ministry will work towards implementing that. We would like to fight corruption at any level,” he said.

The minister said the mining industry has the potential to contribute up to 30 percent to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), which can be achieved if corruption is not part of it.

“We, therefore, invited the ACB to share with us what we are supposed to do to reform and enhance transparency. We are putting ourselves in the public to be monitored so that the change starts with us,” he said.

Government recently launched the public service reform strategy as one way of bringing sanity in the civil service. Six ministries, including Natural Resources, Energy and Mining were earmarked to pioneer the project.

ACB boss Kondowe applauded Muluzi for an extension of the invitation.

“Since the launch of the reforms, this is the first time we have been invited by the ministry to shed more light on how to deal with corruption. It seems the minister is very eager to win the corruption fight as he has promised, so, we will work hand-in-hand to achieve the transformation,” he said.

Kondowe said the bureau will set up a desk at the ministry where a desk officer will provide services on corruption handling. n

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    I dont trust this man…..if you have been invited to shed more light on how to deal with corruption..,why you are not trying to shed more light to the nation on how you are going to deal with it that we can trust you …tell us your strategies on how you are going to deal with it .we need also get involved on how to deal with it… ……. ACB was supposed to Do more to end this …..ACB if it can to do too much effort by amending law where it has been brocken anthu akadawopa zikada sintha ACB is not doing enough even giving people chiongola dzanja akanena corruption…. in UK they used to give people money if they noticed illegals immigrants and they catch them and find out it was real ..but it was confidetial and

    things started to change….. ACB must try very hard…….NOT what Muluzi is saying.. ACB send spies in their…

    WHY TIP TOEING AROUND EGG SHELLS?…… i dont trust you…… am sorry Sir….

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