Mizu Band’s JJ set to release solo album


As a 17-year-old, John JJ Kutsokwe tried to put together an album, Mulungu Dalitsani Malawi. But due to what he termed as immaturity, the album never got to the market.

In 2013, the Mizu Band lead vocalist, while with Mibawa Band, produced another album which was eventually adopted as a group album. His dream of having an album to his name was thus delayed again.

Ready to go solo: JJ

But the 34-year-old has kept his ambition close to his heart and alive as he is set to release what will be his official solo album, Lonjezo Langa this month. Its production has been completed at Step Up Records in Chirimba by Don Foxxy.

Kutsokwe said: “The waiting has been long indeed, but I can now assure my fans that very soon they will get something from me. My own product not the stuff they have known me for all this while. The recording is done. Right now, I am working on the videos.”

He said love has reigned in Lonjezo Langa, and he believes that Malawians will fall in love with his work.

“I felt there was no point in concentrating on a theme that will not bring hope to people so the album is dominated by love songs just like the title track suggests,” he said.

Kutsokwe has taken on board his fellow Mizu Band vocalist, Eunice Mhango, Tyness and Black Nina to beef up his 10-track album which has been done in reggae and dancehall genres.

“This being my first album, I did my best to come up with something that my fans, who have waited for so long for my album, will love. I have done my best to make that first impression,” he said.

The award-winning Mizu Band is renowned for doing cover songs done by other artist, both foreign and local, and this development presents an opportunity to Kutsokwe to show the world what he is made of as an artist.

Mizu Band manager Emmanuel Maliro said the step taken by Kutsokwe signifies growth and it is a welcome development which will also benefit the band as a group.

“Mizu Band is not a recording band, but a performing one. We do not do our own music; not that we cannot, but we have specific interests which we look for as a group. As a band, we are offering our full support to JJ on his solo project,” he said. n




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