Mlombwa CCAP encourages faithful to go for HIV testing


As part of activities to mark World Aids Day, the Health, HIV and Aids, Social Welfare and Orphan Committee of Mlombwa CCAP in Blantyre on Sunday encouraged its faithful to go for HIV testing.

The guest speaker during the service, which preceded the church’s fundraising event, renowned electronic media personality Geoffrey Kapusa spoke on the need for people to get tested for HIV—the virus that causes Aids—so that if they are found to have the virus, they can be assisted properly and live a normal life.

Kapusa (R) and Kadawati hold a candle

“People don’t want to go for HIV testing because they are afraid that they might be found with the virus. Yet, if they have the virus and they do not do anything about it, it grows,” he said.

Kapusa, who has been living positively for 11 years after he went for an HIV test in 2006, stressed the importance of HIV testing, early drug initiation and adherence to some of the things he said are crucial for one to live a normal life.

Mlombwa CCAP moderator the Reverend MacDonald Kadawati hailed Kapusa for accepting to talk and share his experiences to the faithful of Mlombwa CCAP on HIV and Aids.

“That is the brotherly spirit we need. We do not take your coming to talk to our brothers and sisters here at Mlombwa CCAP for granted. You are a living testimony of the benefits of early drug initiation,” said Kadawati, who is on posting to Limbe CCAP.

The church’s chairperson for the Health, HIV and Aids, Social Welfare and Orphan Committee Fannie Nhlane, who was the convener of the service, said the church has arranged for members to be tested for HIV so that they know their status and receive the appropriate assistance. n

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