MRA donates medical equipment to Mlambe

February 7, 2014 • Business News, Editors Pick • Written by :

Kulemeka (C) hands over gift to Mlambe chairperson Elias Kambalame (R)

Kulemeka (C) hands over gift to Mlambe chairperson Elias Kambalame (R)

Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) on Wednesday donated assorted medical equipment to Mlambe hospital in Blantyre.

The donation which included four wheel chairs, two patient trolleys and two Electronic Cardiography Monitors (ECG machine) cost K1.2 million and will be deployed to the High Dependency Unit (HDU of the hospital.

“Apart from collecting taxes we also need to care for our citizens. We realise that all patients are potential tax payers and this equipment will help them recover quickly and continue paying taxes and contribute toards the country’s development,” said Chrispin Kulemeka, MRA deputy commissioner general.

Chairperson for Friends of Mlambe hospital, Stain Singo, described the donation as a timely shot in the arm.

“We have also been doing some fund raising activities and for instance the dionner dance we held at the end of last year about K2.6 million was realised which also went a long way towards alleviating some problems the hospital is facing.

The affair between MRA and Mlambe hospital dates several years back and over the years the tax collectors has been making a number of donations including construction of a mourners’ shelter.

Mlambe Hospital lies along the busy Zalewa road and is usually the first point of call for many accident victims.

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3 Responses to MRA donates medical equipment to Mlambe

  1. Mity says:

    Mwayambasnso nanu. Is that your area of responsibility.

  2. chemwali says:

    It is called social responsibility in case you don’t know.

    • nancy says:

      why not donate to a government hospital where 80% of Malawians go to eg a health centres in remote areas?.

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