MUM wants to mediate Lucius-Jai feud


Musicians Union of Malawi (MUM) says it wants to end the cold war between musician-cum-promoter Lucius Banda of Impakt and founder of Entertainers Promotions Jai Banda by bringing the two to a round-table.

MUM says the rift between the two is shameful and a threat to the growth of the country’s entertainment industry.

In an interview with The Nation on Tuesday, MUM president Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango said this is a serious issue and as a union they cannot afford to see Lucius and Jai holding a grudge.

No comment: Lucius

“What Lucius and Jai should know is that they are big gurus in the country’s entertainment industry; hence, their conduct is shameful and threat to the growth of the industry. They are influential people who have contributed a lot to the country’s music industry. So, it is disgraceful for them to be arguing,” he said.

Mhango further added that MUM will bring the two to a round-table for the good of the industry as well as their reputation.

However, he could not commit on a specific date of this roundtable.

Meanwhile, Jai has said he has no problem with having a round-table with Lucius if there is a need to do so.

“To team Entertainers there is no fight between us and Lucius. If anything, Tonderai [Jai’s son] and Entertainers Promotions are fighting to keep up good events in the country. That’s the fight I know at the moment,”said Jai.

Lucius, however, said he would not comment on the matter.

Jai: I have no problem with roundtable

Since late last year, there has been a cold war between Lucius and Jai over management of entertainment events in the country.

It all started when Jai wrote a controversial post on Facebook apologising to both local and international audiences for the alleged drawbacks that marred last year’s Sand Music Festival which was headlined by Tanzania’s Diamond Platinumz.

Read Jai’s post: “I wish to apologise to [Tanzanian musician] Diamond Platinumz for the show he has been subjected to. He should not think that this is the way we organise shows in Malawi.”

The post angered Lucius who questioned Jai’s remarks, saying he [Lucius] was good atorganising international events; hence, no need for Jai to apologise on his behalf.

Another controversy which has heightened their bad blood is the late Lucky Dube’s Band, The Slaves’ tour to Malawi which was announced by Lucius. Events, however, unfolded that the band could not turn up to Malawi because they had already agreed terms with Jai’s Entertainers Promotions.

The feud has seen tirades of castigations between the two on social media. n

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