Murderer turns evangelist

A man said to have killed 20 000 people as a warloard in Liberia, Joshua Milton Blahyi, is now one of the most powerful evangelists in Ghana. He is out to uproot all evil stemming from harmful African practices. The following if information sourced from his website

Who is Joshua Milton Blahyi?

Joshua Milton Blahyi Was born September 30, 1971 to Elizabeth D Pantoe and Joseph K Blahyi.

The third of seven sons to Elizabeth and second of three sons to Joseph; giving him seven brothers, three older and four younger. Both of Joshua’s parents are of the Sarpo-Krahn tribe in Kabedeh District, Sinoe County, South-Eastern Liberia Joshua’s birth was traditionally arranged to replace his father as the priest to his Krahn tribe.

His life…

At the tender age of 7 Joshua was forced to forgo his primary education in Monrovia to face his traditional destiny; he was trained for five years and took over his Priestly role to the great Krahn tribe at age 11. By the virtue of being the chief priest to his tribe, he became the spiritual consultant to the late Liberian president, Master Sergeant Samuel K. Doe. His great occultic strength raised him to the rank of “General for the Butt-Naked’ Battalion(completely nude fighters), which made him one of the most brutal, fearless and well known players in Liberia.

How was he saved?

In 1996 Joshua had an encounter with Jesus Christ at the battle front during one of the most brutal fracas in the history of the Liberia war, codenamed ‘April-6’. Joshua finally accepted Christ and got converted to Christianity on September 30th 1996, ‘WHAT A REBIRTH’; Joshua turned exactly 25 on the same day he had a rebirth in Christ. Ever since his conversion, Joshua has been remorseful and has denounced his old life and now lives to preach the message of God.

What is Joshua’s message?

Joshua’s message emphasizes the reality of Christ Jesus’ existence and Lordship, His infinite mercy and hope for mankind; especially to sinners, he preaches peace and discourages violence.

Is he married?

Joshua married Josie on September 30th 1998, and is blessed with four wonderful Kids.

What’s the name of his ministry?

Joshua is the president and founder of the End Time Train Evangelistic Ministries founded in 1999 in Ghana; with the vision and mission to shine the Light of Christ and break the chains of ignorance in the dark and remote parts of Africa. Joshua’s evangelistic function carries an infallible TRUTH that the kingdom of darkness in Africa cannot resist or deny. Joshua evangelistic journeys has effected Ghana, where it started, Togo, Benin Republic, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chile Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Garbon, Cote’d Ivory, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Liberia his home land.

Any additional information?

Joshua’s tireless and remorseful effort to reconcile with his nation and it’s people is paramount to him. He returned to Liberia the first time after six years of living in exile in 2004 and assisted in the disarmament process for one year before returning to his family in the refugee camp in Ghana. In 2007 Joshua left his family in Ghana and travelled to Liberia to prepare for the return of his family to Liberia because he had decided to appear before the TRC (Truth And Reconciliation Commission) of Liberia in 2008, not knowing his fate. Joshua wanted to secure a home for his family.

Realising the uncontrollable increase of violence crimes in Liberia despite approximately 15 000 United Nations peace keepers and the national security force, Joshua noticed that crimes increased and will continue if the Liberian society do not accept ex-combatants. Joshua launched his campaign against violence in deepest hideaway of the ex-fighters turn criminals where fifty gang leaders accepted Christ.—

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