Mwawi dropped

Queens coach Sam Kanyenda has dropped Australia-based shooter Mwawi Kumwenda from Malawi national netball team squad that is preparing for the Fast5 Netball World Series on disciplinary grounds.

Apparently, the player has been sent back after joining the team on Thursday, while others started training last Sunday.

Reported late for camp training: Kumwenda

But Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) general secretary Carol Bapu, refused to give details of the incident.

She said: “It is true Mwawi Kumwenda will not be travelling with the team to the Australia Fast5 World Netball Series.  The reason is that she has not been abiding by the rules. As NAM, we have set rules which every player must adhere to. She has not been able to stick to the rules and we had to act. That is all I can say.”

In an interview, Mwawi refused to comment on the issue.

“As of now, I don’t have any comment on that,” she said.

Mwawi’s manager and legal adviser Hlupikire Chalamba said they are yet to receive official communication from NAM.

“We are hearing this issue [of Mwawi being dropped] on social media and radios. I am yet to get official communication from NAM leadership, as such I will not be able to comment.  NAM are best placed to comment on the issue,” she said.

But, earlier this week, Mwawi told The Nation that she informed NAM in advance that she was going to join camp late as she had to complete her charity commitment assignment of donating sports equipment to selected schools.

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