Mzimba communities want better road


People of Chimbongondo in Mzimba District have complained that development will remain a far-fetched dream without a good road network in the area.

Chimbongondo, in Traditional Authority (T/A) Kampingo Sibande was cut off from public transport in 2008 following heavy rains which left gullies and big potholes, rendering it inaccessible.

People of Chimbongondo struggle
to cross Chahori River

In an interview, inkosana group village head Peter Sibande said the development has given advantage to private commuters who use unroadworthy vehicles and over-charge as there is no alternative transport.

“We are forced to pay K2 000 for the same distance we used to pay K8 00 just because the road is in bad shape. Commuters are taking advantage of the situation, and it is not fair,” he said.

Sibande also said the biggest challenge is when they have to take pregnant women and other patients to hospital in Mzuzu, adding that a patient, like any other passenger, has to wait until the vehicle is full.

“We have had avoidable deaths due to the condition of our road. Even transportation of produce is a big challenge,” he said

The chief appealed to government to construct bridges to enable communities access social services such as markets, health facilities and schools.

Mzimba North East legislator Olipa Myaba said she presented the issue to the minister responsible, who said will look into the matter.

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