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After making headlines with a popular series Choices, eminent private filmmakers, Thoko Tembo and Ashukire Mwakisulu have are back in the lab—working on The Untold Story.

According to actor Mwakisulu, the new series is a continuation of Choices.

Cast members of Choices

”The storyline isn’t far from Choices but we gave it some twists and turns just to give it more drama,” he told The Nation.

The series, directed by Tembo who is known as Double T in the arts industry, explores the challenges of a Malawian family which has no children.

He adds: “It’s a wonderful production and it features actors of different talents and knowledge in filmmaking. It is a romantic film which will leave a mark on the film industry.”

The movie also features radio personality Hope Chisanu as a security guard.

Musician Saint makes a cameo appearance as Mr Spider, apart from recording the official soundtrack.

The reigning Miss Blantyre Tawonga Gondwe plays Deliwe.

In a separate interview,  Tembo, who was trained in film production at Stockport University in the United Kingdom, said viewers should expect a memorable and romantic offering.

“For a long time, African stories have been told by the Europeans in a Western way. We want African stories being presented in a way that inspires the young generation,” said Tembo.

Mwai Simbota, who plays the role of Elsie, says she poured her heart into the project.

“I will give the best to the world. It is a great honour to work with professional actors in the country,” she said.

Other actors in the movie include another radio personality Juliet Royo and Chancellor College drama student Priscilla Gondwa who has co-produced the film.

The duo has a good international background in film production.

Mwakisulu has appeared in several South African soaps including Generations and Scandal.

He has also been featured in several films including Seven of Daran (Holland) and King Otto (Germany).

Back home he has worked with Shemu Joyah on the movie The Last Fishing Boat.

Choices was featured on DStv’s Zambezi channel.

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