No grudges against Mwai- NAM

Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) said they have no grudges against Mwai Kumwenda and that she is welcome to play for the Queens anytime.

NAM president Khungikire Matiya disclosed this during a press briefing soon after landing at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) from Australia.

She was responding to questions from reporters on NAM’s stand on Kumwenda.

“We have nothing against Mwai Kumwenda as NAM. She is a Queen and the door is open for her to play for the national team if she so wishes,” said Matiya.

The NAM president also exonerated her secretary general Carol Bapu who has been accused on social media as advancing the anti Kumwenda crusade.

“Whatever has been done it was a collective decision by executive members of NAM and not a single individual. We work collectively and not on individual basis,” she said.

Matiya also played down calls for the resignation of her executive committee following poor results at the Fast5 tournament where the team lost all its games.

“I don’t see any reason for us to resign. It is not the first time the team has done badly. We need just to sit down and analyze the performance and come up with solutions. There are lessons that we have leant…,” said Khungikire.

The team arrived back home to a lukewarm welcome as compared to the previous times when high profile government would converge at KIA to welcome the team.

The only high profile figure was Malawi Congress Party (MP) Jessie Kabwila.

Kabwila urged Malawians to unite and forge ahead despite the negative results.

Coach Mary Waya attributed the loss to tough opponents.

“We lost all six games; true, but it’s not because we are bad but our opponents were much better. It was plain to see that all the teams had prepared well and competition was tough. The teams had prepared well for Malawi after the impressive performance last year. The players did play well if you look at the margins in all the games,” said Waya.

She downplayed the absence of Mwai as reason for the poor performance.

“Apart from Mwai it is the same players that did well last year. This was an experienced side and we did our best. Mwai cannot make a team. A team is a collective responsibility and not an individual,” said Waya.

She however concurred with NAM that Kumwenda still remains a Queens player.



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  1. If I were Mwai, I would hang my boots right now and never play for the national side ever again…..I would leave these bitches to continue pursuing their egos.
    It is their arrogance that has resulted in this disappointing performance that’s why they have swallowed their pride and said that Mwai is still welcome.
    If Mwai plays again for the national side these bitches will make sure that her presence does not make any difference…
    Mwai please, please, quit the national team right now you have done your part for the nation,,,,,just remember that mphukusi lamoyo sakusungira ndi wina….anthu awa akhoza kukulodza.
    Just concentrate on playing for your club after all that’s where the money is so what is the point risking your life……leave these bitches alone, thank you……..
    Ndatha Ine Wako Mbonga

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