Nora Foundation trebles enrolment in Dedza

Primary school enrolment in group village head Chiluzi in Traditional Authority (T/A) Kasumbu in Dedza has trebled over the past decade, thanks to initiatives by the Nora Docherty Foundation.

Announcing the success story on Wednesday during the 10th anniversary of the foundation’s work in the area, the foundation’s country coordinator, Alick Botha, said provision of free uniforms, meals and teaching and learning materials has encouraged children to remain in school.

Cummings poses for a photo with some of the pupils the foundation supports

“When we came here in 2007, there were no structures and the highest number of pupils registered in a year was 720. After fulfilling government requirements, we started constructing blocks and introduced incentives which have led to the number rising to 2 098,” he said.

Margaret Mary Cummings, daughter of Scotland-based founder Nora Docherty, said the foundation has also embarked on a scholarship programme, five boys and four girls are supported in secondary education.

“A pupil is just required to bath at home and walk to and from school, otherwise, everything is provided for free,” she said.

GVH Chiluzi said over the years, parents and children have developed interest in education. n

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