When one is arrogant, they don’t care

Dear judge Mbadwa,

I, Tchale Mchocho, want to categorically defend my right to express a contrary opinion.

My Lord, what I did last Thursday by organising a few members of my People’s Demagogic Party (PDP) was in essence showing the public how democratic the PDP party is.

People have to understand that everyone in the party can wake up and do whatever they want as long as they claim that they have the blessing of Mapuya.

That is how organised PDP is and those who don’t understand how we operate should learn to live with it.

What should have stopped me from ensuring that there are no dissenting voices in my region through protests when the party at the national executive level has never met?

Whatever happened on that day had the full blessing of the party because no one has come to condemn it.

It reflects the thinking and strategy of the party and it was sanctioned by the highest authority. This is also the strategy that we employed in 2011.

My Lord, I am taking the flak for the whole Thursday debacle, yet you know arranging those trucks and party vehicles that carried cadets and others would not have been done by Mchocho alone.

The party released resources to ensure that we instill fear in the people because we have always thought that the Southern Region is our base; hence, the protests would send a wrong signal.

My Lord, the ruling party is law on its own and that is why as long as Mapuya is leader of the party and I am regional director, we will never be intimidated

Any talk about allowing people to exercise their democratic right to protest as provided for in the Constitution cannot be entertained. Why? We like raping the constitution and if we cannot follow our party’s constitution, why should we follow the Republican one.

My Lord, the PDP cannot sit down and watch civil society organisations insulting our president and the party.

Why should people be allowed to demonstrate against the administration of Mapuya when only three weeks ago they were saying to Mapuya that Alamu Pumani Mwakula (APM).

The reverberations of that tremor caused by Tally-Star Chazizira’s hurricane have not yet died down and now they are talking about the failures of this government.

My Lord, I thought our Thursday conduct was enough to deter would-be protesters, why are people now saying I have led my party to initialise its self-destructive mode.

PDP will not change and we will not listen to the voice of reason because it is not in our nature to do so.

The main reason I have decided to write you My Lord in view of protests that were virtually against our rule is that I want your tribunal to recognise our right to be arrogant as the ruling party.

So, we will plunge the country into blackouts and Gadall Gando is not resigning anytime soon because the country needs young, energetic and astute leaders like him.

As a party that has a right to be arrogant, if you recognise that right, we will not address the concerns of CSOs because we don’t care and we think we have a right to ignore the cries of Malawians.


Tchale Mchocho.


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