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I know that nothing is perfect, except heavenly powers. But let us for a moment assume that some things on earth can become perfect or near perfect. Then, your knowledge should be placed in the basket of the things that you need to make perfect. 

The case for making your knowledge perfect is simple. The world out there is so competitive and as time goes by, the economy is becoming knowledge-based. Those who know a lot are excelling and those that know a little struggle.

Knowledge itself is fast changing and so the case for learning continuously is becoming more and more important.

Today, much of what you do to excel depends on what you know. For great jobs, you will always be required to demonstrate how much better knowledge and skills you have compared to those competing for the same job. This means that if you perfect your knowledge ahead of the time when you will need to stand out in knowledge, you become better placed to excel. Perfect your knowledge now, before pressure comes for you to prove that you are the best.

Secondly, when you know your work very well, you end up enjoying the job. On the opposite side, when you know little about your job, the job becomes a nightmare. Who likes to do things that are like ‘nightmare’? Of course you want to do things that you enjoy and so the case for perfecting your knowledge in order to enjoy what you do is also very clear.

Thirdly, when you perfect your job, it becomes very easy to do your job. You no longer have to struggle a lot to get things done. You no longer have to spend long days and nights to do things that experts can do in hours or even minutes. Once you know your job very well, you become so efficient that your delivery becomes almost effortless. And, that should be the ultimate desire of everyone.

Have you observed that when you change jobs, in the beginning you spend so much time doing things that take long? But, as time goes by, you reach a point when the same things take very little time. It makes sense, therefore, that in the beginning, you should spend a lot of time not just doing the new tasks but also actively learning and knowing so that with time, all your actions should become simple and enjoyable.

But the problem is that many of us quickly get comfortable with how much we know. What compounds this problem is the fact that many people around us do not know too much. And so, it does not take a lot of effort or time to know more and better than peers around us. We need to raise the bar of our benchmarks for knowledge. Look beyond the peers around you to get big role models that will truly inspire you to know a lot more.

The second problem is that we somehow think that knowledge is static. We believe that if I knew a lot ten years ago or even five years ago, then as long as I remember that knowledge then I still know a lot. But this is not entirely correct because relevance of knowledge is ever-changing. We too need to keep learning the new things and refreshing the old knowledge. Good luck! n

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