Poet raises K400 000 towards his London LoS trip


Poet Julius Jules Banda says he has raised about K400 000 in cash and pledges as he continues to raise the K2 million needed for him to travel to London.

The poet wants to travel to London to perform during the London edition of the Lake of Stars (LoS).

He is scheduled to perform at Walthamstow in London on March 10.

Determined to raise the funds: Banda

But the climax will be the LoS event scheduled to take place from September 28 to 30 in Malawi at a venue yet to be announced.

“Since I went flat out asking for sponsorship, the response is encouraging. People are coming forward as my fundraising campaign went viral,” said Jules.

He said he is planning  on casting his net wider to hit the target.

“I would like to do a fundraising show hopefully by the first if not second week of February. The support I am getting is encouraging and we are hoping we will have reached the target by mid to end February,” he said in an interview.

The artist is positive and hopeful to fulfil his dream of representing Malawi in the UK.

“The whole thing is taking off. Yes I approached and wrote to about five companies prior to Christmas. I also have had conversations with several individuals. No company has given feedback yet. I am hoping that they will give feedback and hopefully come in to sponsor me,” he explained.

Some of Jules fundraising campaign stunts have not gone down well with some social media users. Of interest was a picture of the artist with a banner calling on well wishers to contribute towards his performance in London.

In defence, the artist says: “I stood with the banner so we could raise something while waiting for companies. Sponsors want to see what initiative one is taking before they can sponsor you.”

After a one-year break, LoS returns this year on the beautiful shores of Lake Malawi. n

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