Politicians are rewriting script of noise

Dear Judge Mbadwa,

You might have heard already that the virus of negative intra-party democracy reared its ugly head in the Capital during Mapuya’s address of Parliament as he opened his last budget session before elections.

My Lord, those who were laughing at bickering in Alliance for Dissent and Disputes (Afford) and Lazaro’s party, didn’t expect that People’s Demagogic Party (PDP) would be trading barbs over the party’s leadership succession.

Those who thought Akweni would not be jostled for allegedly holding a contrary opinion should brace for more drama because PDP is getting a dose of its own medicine. Was not it said that the party was sowing seeds of confusion in other parties?

But as I have I said time without number, these politicians are all the same whether they are on the governing seat or in opposition.

PDP behaved as if they were angels but soon they will be beating each other for selfish interests. Don’t believe the lie that they have the interests of people at heart. No!

My Lord, I once likened the discomfort being created by this wrangling and internal strife to pollution. I complained that I have suffered injury because of the noise pollution coming from these parties and nothing is changing that is why I seek the indulgence of this court.

You know My Lord, I like to live a quiet life, but instead every day I am being subjected to noise about calls for conventions; about suspensions and purging of members who have a contrary political opinion; about Mapuya’s party masking its own rot by sowing seeds of subversion in opposition parties while muting its own voice of dissent.

My Lord, I submit that when party officials tickle my ear and those of other citizens with the loudest of decibels of pure nonsense or something that cannot spur development, a crime of noise pollution has been committed.

What makes this pollution so unpleasant is that it is successfully diverting us from issues we have to contend with as a nation.

My Lord, I understand that the Public Health Act and Water Resources Act can deal with the issue of air and water pollution properly, but as a layman, I am banking on your understanding of the law and your years of experience on the bench on the right Act to use in dealing with the political noise.

The only thing I can say is that I have suffered injury through the political noise pollution to an extent that I have lost appetite for participating in any election. My health has greatly been compromised by the noise as I am perpetually vomiting at the sight of anything cockerel, blue, orange and yellow.

I don’t know the formula you use to determine compensation, but these leaders should be made to pay for their bad political verses.

Your true citizen,

Mphala Muwawa.

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