Polytechnic graduates develops security software

Two graduates from the Polytechnic, a constituent in the University of Malawi (Unima) have developed a mobile security system that alerts the user with a text message whenever there is an intruder or fire at their home.

The two are Prince Muta and Isaac Washa, graduates of journalism and electrical engineer respectively, said they decided to develop the software after being touched by the incidences of fire accidents and house breakings,The software

Muta told The Nation that the system alerts the user secretly and the intruder does not know anything and in terms of the fire accidents, the system alerts the user which room the fire has started from so that it should be easy to trace the cause and put it off.

“Basically, once the system has been installed, phone numbers of the owners of the house are registered into the system. The system uses the numbers to send them the alert once there is fire or an intruder at their house,” said Muta.

He said the system is very quick when sending the alerts and it takes the time intervals of a minute to send an alert again after sending the first alert.

Muta also added that the system works on every type of phone, whether smart-phone or the basic phone and the owner of a house with the system can receive alerts anywhere they go in the country as it is not barred by distance.

“The user can receive alerts anywhere they are, so long there is a proper network on their phone, for instance, if they have a house in Blantyre and they have gone to Rumphi, the system indicates the exact location of disturbance in their house,” he said.

The system has been developed with a backup of batteries in order to make it usable in times of electricity problems.

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