Rains disrupt Matafale memorial show


Windy rains disrupted what promised to be an afternoon of fun and great music in Chileka at this year’s Matafale Memorial Show on Sunday.

The afternoon looked promising as people from all walks of life gathered at the Civil Aviation ground behind Chileka International Airport. Women, men, children all wore the peace colours of yellow, green and red, others hoisting Rastafarian flags.

“I have come here to dance. I loved Evison Matafale’s music,” said 32-year old Eneless Tochi, who was carrying her one-year old child.

Then the sound of music came from the speakers. The Mibawa Band started playing renditions of songs by Morgan Heritage and Culture.

Chizondi Fumulani getting started before the rains disrupted the show

It was great sound and fun as reggae music lovers started jamming to the music.

After an hour of warming the stage, the Black Missionaries came on stage. They did a five-minute sound check. As they were gearing up to get started with their first song, heavy and windy rains started pouring from all directions, disrupting the whole set.

Speakers, and other pieces of equipment, fell and patrons could no longer stay. They scattered in all directions.

This was the abrupt end of the show.

With equipment soaked and other speakers damaged, it was not possible for the show to go ahead.

However, thousands of people lingered on hoping that the show would continue but that never happened.

Speaking to The Nation afterwards, band leader Anjilu Fumulani said it was sad that a well-patronised event ended prematurely due to rains.

He said: “If people can understand, we can change the month of holding the memorial show. The rains and open air event are not compatible. But this will depend on many other factors.”

This was the 16th edition of the Evison Matafale Memorial Show, which seeks to celebrate the life of the late reggae icon who died in police custody in 2001.

He was arrested for allegedly writing a defamatory letter against the United Democratic Front (UDF) administration. Authorities deemed it seditious. n

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