Road to Miss Malawi: Know the finalists

Nthanda Lizzie Manduwi

Aged 21, Nthanda Lizzie Manduwi holds a degree in Social Sciences (double majoring in economics and demography) from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College. She also holds certificates in Population Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (obtained from the University of Malawi) and Business Management.

Nthanda Manduwi


On the entrepreneurship front, Nthanda is the owner of ChicRedefined Hair Studio, ChicRedefined Online Clothing and Shoe Stores, among others.

She says if she becomes Miss Malawi, she will work towards addressing its theme Managing Overpopulation.

“I will use my knowledge and experience to inspire actions to curb over-population,” she says.


Peggy Mwanguku 


Peggy Mwanguku, aged 22, is a professional primary school teacher-cum-model who believes in the power of education and community mobilisation to bring awareness about issues that affect Malawi such as overpopulation.

Peggy Mwanguku

“As a teacher, I widely interact with young people and communities through different projects. I counsel and motivate pupils to take responsibility of their lives,” she says.

Peggy says the theme for Miss Malawi, which is Managing Overpopulation, falls within the line of her duty.

If she becomes Miss Malawi, she says she will  work with traditional chiefs to bring awareness to their communities on the consequences of having many children to the development of the nation.”

Cecilia Khofi

The 23-year-old holds a bachelor of science in nutrition obtained from Chancellor College. She is currently working with the Ministry of Health.  At the same time, she is a human rights activist working with different organisations to fight gender-based violence and human trafficking.

Cecilia Khofi

Cecilia brags about her unique middle name called Njenjengwa, which means clever and intelligent.

“I was named after my late great grandmother. Until to date, my family believes I am the only Njenjengwa in Malawi, which is very interesting,” she says. 

Given that she becomes Miss Malawi she will use her voice to spur development and betterment of Malawians, especially through girl-child education.

“I believe education is the best weapon in bringing about positive change to our society and that it is the strongest mitigation measure for overpopulation,” says Cecilia. 


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