SA trainer for boxer Chisale

South Africa’s reputed boxing trainer Dominico Spirito has taken charge of drilling Malawian boxer Ruth Chisale at the Sweat Gym in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Chisale is camping in South Africa ahead of her elimination bout for World Boxing Council  belt against Zambian Loleta  Muzeya on December 30 at Government Complex in Lusaka under Oriental Boxing Promotions.

Chisale: It is complete training package

In a telephone interview from South Africa on Wednesday, Chisale said her training was the best.

She said: “It has been an eye-opener. I have trained on hook and head movement, close range combination. I have done speed bag, jump rope and all sorts of physical fitness training. I have also learnt about ring discipline. My game and my general fitness have improved tremendously and I am looking forward to the fight. The environment here is great and the equipment superb. It’s been a whole new experience for me.”

Chisale said apart from working out in the gym and doing sparring sessions, she also covers a 10-kilometre stretch every day to help with endurance.

“It is a complete training package and though hard, but I am getting used and enjoying it all. Boxing is a rigorous sport and I need to be in shape if I am to impress,” she said.

Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board president Lonzoe Zimba, who has just returned from South Africa where he monitored Chisale’s progress, said he is happy with the condition of the boxer.

“She is hard-working and she listens to the coaches. Since she will be fighting in a foreign land, we want her to win by knockout. From my experience, when you are fighting away from home, a knockout is the best  option to win. After the training she is going through, she can do that,” he said. n


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