Salima hospital fence project stalls

Almost a year after Salima District Council resolved to build a brick fence around Salima District Hospital, the project is failing to start despite the continued security problems at the facility.

Last year, a full council meeting attended by all five members of Parliament (MPs) in the district, 10 councillors and 10 traditional authorities unanimously agreed to contribute bricks for the project.

However, speaking to Malawi News Agency on Tuesday, Senior Chief Kalonga said there has been no commitment from other council members since last year.

Mbewe: The project is still on

“All the chiefs, MPs and councillors agreed with the project, but it is only people from Senior Chief Kalonga who have showed commitment by delivering bricks which unfortunately have been misused by the hospital management,” he said.

The chief also said he was surprised that the project has been left to people of his area despite the hospital serving the entire district.

Salima District Hospital spokesperson Angela Nyongani confirmed that the proposal to build the security fence was discussed by the council.

“We heard that Senior Chief Kalonga mobilised bricks, but they have not yet been delivered.  They are still with the community,” she said.

Salima District Council vice-chairperson Beatrice Mbewe said the project will start soon.

“I think the project is still on; the T/As committed to bring the bricks and once they come, it will start,” she said. n

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