Sand Music Festival in main headliner hunt


As preparations for the 2018 edition of the Sand Music Festival roll into motion, organisers are currently negotiating with Jamaican and Nigerian artists for a main headliner.

In its eighth year, the festival will take place at the Sunbird Livingstonia Beach from October 26 to 28.

Again, the organisers, led by musician Lucius Banda, have this year changed the approach towards local artists wishing to perform at the festival.

Failed to impress last year: Awilo Longomba

“Some people have been complaining that we engage the very same artists. This year we have opened the opportunity to every artist interested to apply. We have received many applications,” said Banda in an interview.

The festival announced earlier this week a call for applications for local artists wishing to be part of the event this year through its Facebook page.

This far, negotiations are underway to find the main star of Sand Music Festival 2018.

“Our fans will know the main headliner much earlier like even seven months before the festival. We are negotiating with artists from Jamaica and Nigeria,” he said.

Banda added that Sand Festival is somehow inclined to reggae music, therefore, the fans should expect a reggae artist as the headliner.

“Currently, we are negotiating with five Jamaican artists,” he said.

Banda said last year they got negative publicity after the main act Awilo Longomba performed using CDs.

“This year sponsors are taking interest and we are assuring our fans that the main headliner we will perform with a band,” he said.

Commenting on the new approach, Black Missionaries lead vocalists Anjiru Fumulani said the development has both pros and cons.

“Artists who dream of performing at Sand Music Festival now have an opportunity to live it since it is open to every artist.

An artist, Tsar Leo said he has reservations on the new arrangement suggesting that fans should have the power to choose.

“Truth be told, musicians have ego. It might not be beneficial to the fans but it’s a fact. Actually, they have just revised what was there before; some artists were being approached while others were applying,” he said.

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