Secondary school syllabus to change in 2014

Secondary school
Secondary school

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology says it will introduce a new secondary school curriculum by September next year.

The change of the curriculum is aimed at strengthening education goals, according to the ministry’s spokesperson Rebecca Phwitiko.

There are new inclusions to the curriculum such as climate change, information and communications technology (ICT), gender and anti-corruption messages.

“Basically, there are seven categories of skills that have been taken into consideration in the formulation of this new curriculum. (These are) citizen ship, economic development, environmental management, occupational and entrepreneurship skills, practical skills as well as ethical and social-cultural skills,” she said the.

Only Form One students will start with the new curriculum. On what the ministry will do to teachers who will see the curriculum as new, Phwitiko said the teachers will be oriented to prepare them for the new curriculum.

Eight subjects will form core teaching component part. These are english, history, geography, agriculture, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

The change of the curriculum follows a number of consultations one of which took place in January this year. It included academics from the University of Malawi (Unima), Mzuzu University (Mzuni), Lilongwe University for Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar), Kamuzu Academy, public and private secondary schools.

“The new syllabus will consider economic, political, social and environmental changes,” said William Susuwele-Banda, Malawi Institute of Education (MIE) director, during the meeting.

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  • Nietzsche

    School syllabus is always political. In reality it’s foreign influence. Gender issues, my foot! Those who champion and sponsor gender nonsense fail to materialise it in their countries and what to weaken Black Power. The west can control weak Africa. They bring and fund lots of stupid NGO to cause commotion , strikes, Cash-gate, hate,
    Its ridiculous to push for syllabus without teachers to teach and classroom. I know Bakili Fake Backache Muluzi created weak education system when rushed multitudes into free education without any preparation. Since then Malawi never recovered but created stupid mastep which allowed illiterates to to teach other illiterates.

    Malawi must expand and have college of education as basic and go away with ttc. Employed educators to teach not every ignorant tom and dick. What angers me is academic lies. What IT are talking about. How many pupils have seen a computer?

    If you are serious about syllabus push MSCE to A-across the country. Have proper classrooms and college qualified educators in all schools.