• Is intelligence inherited or nurtured?

    Where do children get their intelligence from?

    Mar 21, 15 • Brains • Written by : No Comments

    The Macmillan dictionary for advanced learners defines intelligence as the ability to understand, think about things, to gain and use knowledge. There has been debate on where this intelligence comes...

  • Beauty pegeants: Do they depict morals?

    Fame and behaviour change: Where do they meet?

    Jan 18, 15 • Brains • Written by : Comments Off

    Models and beauty queens in the office of Miss Malawi and other similar offices are regarded as role models in society. But while people hold them at such high esteem, their offices are associated...

  • Caregiving can be stressful

    Care giving versus mental well being

    Nov 30, 14 • Brains • Written by : Comments Off

    or centuries, family members have provided care and support to each other during times of illness. What makes a family member a ‘caregiver’? Who are these family caregivers, what do they do and...

  • Dealing with heartbreak

    Oct 5, 14 • Brains • Written by : Comments Off

    Heartbreak is commonly associated with intense pain or suffering one feels after losing a loved one. It is a condition probably everyone experiences in their lifetime, with different number of times....

  • Girl ‘abuse’ condemned at initiation ceremonies

    Aug 17, 14 • Brains • Written by : Comments Off

    The mistreatment of girls at initiation ceremonies in Mangochi has prompted human rights activists to civic educate custodians of the tradition to improve on some ‘lessons’ imparted to the...

  • Breastfeeding enhances a child’s immunity

    Malawi to review maternal leave policy to promote breastfeeding

    Aug 10, 14 • Brains • Written by : Comments Off

    This year’s breastfeeding week will be memorable to working women if Malawi Government lives up to the promise of reviewing the maternal leave policy to allow exclusive breastfeeding. Ministry of...

  • A woman serving a customer: Are women trustworthy or exploited?

    Women at till machines

    Jul 27, 14 • Brains • Written by : Comments Off

    Women are a common sight in shops and supermarkets operating cash registers or manning tills across the country, a development that prompts questions. Is it an issue of trust or a markert gimmick...

  • Ng’oma’s book: The window to 

    Vera publishes career book

    Jul 6, 14 • Brains • Written by : Comments Off

    One of Every Woman columnists Vera Ng’oma has published a theme book of her column titled Gears for Careers. In an interview this week, Ng’oma said Gears for Careers is a career and personal...

  • Are women driven cars better to buy?

    Jun 15, 14 • Brains • Written by : Comments Off

    Advertising, be it for a brand new or second hand item follows the same rule of advertising which stresses accuracy and honest communication about the product. In Malawi, advertising techniques and...

  • A victim of domestic violence hospitilised

    Grabbing domestic violence by the horn

    Jun 8, 14 • Brains • Written by : Comments Off

    Domestic violence needs no introduction in Malawi. This is a topic that has gained widespread discussion in various quarters following serious repercussions suffered by victims, mainly women. Last...