• Ng’oma’s book: The window to 

    Vera publishes career book

    Jul 6, 14 • Brains • Written by : No Comments

    One of Every Woman columnists Vera Ng’oma has published a theme book of her column titled Gears for Careers. In an interview this week, Ng’oma said Gears for Careers is a career and personal...

  • Are women driven cars better to buy?

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    Advertising, be it for a brand new or second hand item follows the same rule of advertising which stresses accuracy and honest communication about the product. In Malawi, advertising techniques and...

  • A victim of domestic violence hospitilised

    Grabbing domestic violence by the horn

    Jun 8, 14 • Brains • Written by : No Comments

    Domestic violence needs no introduction in Malawi. This is a topic that has gained widespread discussion in various quarters following serious repercussions suffered by victims, mainly women. Last...

  • Presidential candidate Helen Singh with her running mate on the red carpet during political debates

    Mastering red carpets in Malawi

    Jun 1, 14 • Brains • Written by : No Comments

    In Malawi, red carpet events have lately been a phenomenon. From presidential debates to fashion displays, red carpet functions in the country have come to stay. But just what does a red carpet...

  • Intimacy strengthens relationships

    When women use sex to buy, sustain love

    May 11, 14 • Brains • Written by : Comments Off

    Being in a romantic relationship is a great thing and finding one through online sex dating sites can really make one feel better about the information, in particular age. The looming question is:...

  • Kadzamira receives her 2012 hour from former first lady Callista Mutharika

    Three new categories in Women of Distinction Awards

    Apr 27, 14 • Brains • Written by : Comments Off

    The Women of Distinction Awards Malawi (Woda) has this year added three new categories, bringing the total to 18. Zilanie Nyundo, one of the organisers of the event, told Everywoman in an interview...

  • Should pregnant women be subjected to mandatory HIV testing?

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    Government has in recent years introduced mandatory HIV testing for pregnant women to prevent mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT). Although it remains optional for the mother to know the result,...

  • Mending broken friendships

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    Most people have been there. Having friends they have grown up with who turn around to stab them in the back. As bad as this may feel, experts argue that it is important to gather your thoughts and...

  • Whither MG2s?

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    Marriage counselor Constance Masamba says women who date married men and hope that one day the man will leave his wife and settle for them are wasting their time because this rarely happens. “And...

  • Women dancing at a political rally: Is it an honour or degrade?

    Women as entertainers, hero worshippers

    Mar 16, 14 • Brains • Written by : Comments Off

    Election campaigns, political events and other notable celebrations mostly feature groups of women who dance in adoration. For the past century, Malawi has seen a growing trend of such dances and...